Life so far with a 3 Month Old – My Experience – Feeding and Sleeping

Life so far with a 3 Month Old - My Experience - Feeding and Sleeping

Life so far with a 3 Month Old – My Experience – Feeding and Sleeping

So little Maisie is now 15 weeks old, I have to say that my life has never gone as quickly as it has since she arrived!! Maisie was 6 weeks premature. I had no complications throughout my pregnancy, in fact it was very straight forward, I didn’t even have any morning sickness! However this all changed when my waters broke at 34+2, little Maisie decided she wanted to make an appearance 3 days later.


Despite being a preemie, Maisie wasn’t a poorly baby, she simply needed to grow a little bit.  We spent 8 days in the Neonatal Unit in Telford and then came home.  Everyone told me that the moment you cross the threshold of your front door, that is the scary moment where the realisation hits you that you are responsible for this little life.  I have to say, I didn’t feel scared or anxious at all.  Perhaps after my hospital stay and the revolting food that they give you, I was just glad to be home!

Fortunately, I’m a person who likes to be organised and prepared so despite my other half telling me throughout pregnancy “oh, we don’t need that yet” and “we can get that at a later date” I was super organised and we had every gadget, fad and popular baby product going!   In the end it was a good job that I was the organised one as when Maisie arrived 6 weeks before her due date, we were ready!! (well ready apart from the preemie clothes.).  It’s not however, totally necessary to have every product going like I wanted to have, as lots of it such as the cot, baby monitor etc. you won’t even use until 6months plus.  Similarly, I wanted to have the nursery all freshly decorated and ready for our little arrival but in reality, we don’t really use it, only for changing nappies on the changing table thats in there.


When Maisie arrived home we had her Snuzpod Bedside Crib set up at the side of our bed, inside it was the Sleepyhead Deluxe and then we used Mothercare Cellular Blankets. During the day we used to bring the Sleepyhead downstairs and put it beside us on the sofa or occasionally in front of the door or window for her to catch some sunlight as she was quite jaundiced. More about that at a later date.   We found that bringing the Sleepyhead downstairs during the day and then taking it back upstairs at night for her to sleep in meant that she got used to it being her own familiar environment and I must say, from day 1 at home, she has been a brilliant sleeper! You’re probably not going to believe me when I say this and I should probably touch wood as i type it but she has never, thats right, never woken up crying during the night!! Surely thats some sort of record for a 15 week old??

I’ve never been sure if her sound sleeping was down to her being premature and she was just used to being left alone after her stint in the incubator whilst in hospital, whether it was the Sleepyhead, the Snuzpod or simply the fact that she’s a lazy bones like her dad?  It could have been a combination of all 4.  Either way, all I know is that she has always been a brilliant sleeper and now at 15 weeks, she sleeps right through from 11pm to 7am ish.    Dream!!!!

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Before the birth, I had in my mind that I wanted to try and breastfeed as I believed that was best for baby but in all honesty I wasn’t 100% sure about it. I found the idea a bit cringey. Lots of people told me that this would change as soon as she arrived and it would feel like the most natural thing ever.  Well, little Maisie arrived and initially I was really keen on breastfeeding as my milk had come in (which I was so lucky with considering it was a premature birth) and I really felt that Maisie needed my milk more than ever.  I tried and tried but her sucking reflex just wasn’t quite strong enough and she would instantly fall asleep the minute I put her there.  The nurses on the unit also said that preemie baby’s can find breastfeeding more difficult because their little mouths are so small.    The more Maisie struggled with it, the less keen I felt to do it.  I was expressing regularly in the hospital so she was at least getting my milk, albeit through her feeding tube.   I got on quite well with the expressing side of it and found that I was comfortable with it.  I think the fact that I felt comfortable with it meant that I was successful at it.

The Babycentre app was something that I referred to regularly.  It offered lots of advice and tips from other mums and I found it to be a great little resource throughout my pregnancy and beyond.

After a couple of weeks of trying with the breastfeeding, we switched solely to bottle feeding expressed breastmilk. Although expressing every few hours is quite time consuming, this was the best thing we did. It worked for all of us as a family and ultimately, that is all that matters.  Maisie has a bottle every 4 hours or so throughout the day and goes for 7-8hours during the night.  I am using the Medela Swing breast pump.


This last week, Maisie has really started chatting away.  It is so lovely listening to her.  She seems to get stronger and stronger every day and is trying desperately to lift herself up from a laying position to sit herself up.  Hopefully she will be on target with her milestones!  She certainly was with her smiling. 🙂   I say all of this but then I also understand that it is important not to get too hung up with worrying about milestones.  All babies are different and do things at different times, especially preemies!


Note about Baby Sleep Positioners

Over the last week there has been lots of coverage of the safety of Baby Sleep Positioners.  I am aware that some may class the Sleepyhead as a sleep positioner however there are others who won’t.  Currently, the Sleepyhead has not been removed from sale.   The intention of my blog is not to condone the use of this product but simply to share my experience of it.  Throughout my pregnancy I researched and researched, I read so much about different products, techniques, research papers and notions. My thinking was that the more I knew, the more of an informed choice I could make.  The mentioning of the products in my blog is purely from my personal experience. I will share with you honestly what I have found to work and not work and hope that in turn, I will be able to help someone else make their informed choice.  🙂

In my later posts, I will be looking at different products and writing my reviews of them. I would also be really interested to hear your experiences of these products. That way, we can all help each other when choosing products and methods of bring up of little ones.

I really could go on forever writing this post however i’m going to keep it brief.  Pop your comments on and any questions, ask away.    Thanks for reading. 🙂


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